Happy Worlds

by Dave Jacquet

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This is an album I wrote from a place of beauty. The beauty of love, the beauty of friendship. I hope that it will bring peace to your world the way this beauty


released December 12, 2011



all rights reserved


Dave Jacquet Maine

Originally a horns player, Dave came to the guitar via the piano. Dave plays weekly live shows in Southern Maine and runs such websites as ThreeChordGuitar.com, SongwritingCircle.com and GuitarVideoReviews.com among others.

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Track Name: (She should) save her good tears
I tried to trust a stranger once C
upon a time
With nothing more than my life on C
the line

That stranger said boy you should know better
Than to give me this letter
I told that stranger one day I will die
And there's no need to wonder why
So please keep this letter by your side
And deliver it to my bride
Tell her I was smiling as I closed G
my eyes
Tell her I remember all the lies
No I wasn't one of the good guys
She should save her good tears if G
she cries

They sent us to the front lines tonight
They sent us to the front lines to fight
There's a thousand of them for every one of us
Before the night is through I'll be one with the dust
Track Name: Arms I call home
The woman whose arms I call home
Is lying next to me in my bed
To whatever island my mind may roam
I just wanna be with her instead

The woman whose smiles warm my heart
Looks at me when my hand touches her
She knows I can't bare to be apart
She knows I want her forever

And she closes her eyes
Her lips slightly open
A little part of me dies
To live again in her lovin'

The woman whose company I crave
Just snuggled tight against me
Love washed over me like a wave
Man, she's all I can see

We could get up, butter cup
And rejoin the rest of the world
We could get up, butter cup
But all I need is my girl
Track Name: That place
That place of love where music lives
That place of peace where Jesus gives
That tolerance, that peace of mind
That simple life we yearn to find

That place of gratitude and smiles
That place where there are no more trials
That joy to live deep in your soul
The happy hook we swallow whole

You give them all to me.

You make my heart jump in my chest
You make me feel so loved and blessed
I miss you when we are apart
But soon I know you'll kiss my heart

That place of kindness & respect
That place where our lives intersect
We choose to share what makes us strong
We choose to love and sing along

You give them all to me.
Am D G
You give them all to me.
Track Name: Lucky
His daddy got raucous & kicked up a little dust
He was born out of love and a little bit of lust
He was born the recipient of an investment trust

Mama got the blond locks and daddy got the dough
And he never was the kind to take anything slow
He never was the kind to do things just for show

F#m D A
His life is easy, ain't no rub
He's a born member of the lucky
sperm club

He looks like a rock star whose party's just begun
I swear he can command the moon and the sun
He's never known a day that wasn't made of fun

The ladies love his looks, his smiles and his ways
All they wanna do is love him for days
All they want is for him to set them ablaze

This world is his - we all just live in it
As we deal with our lives he won't struggle a bit
Track Name: In the morning light
I look at you in the morning light
I remember you, and what we did last F
Am G
And I love you, with all my might
So let's do it again, and let's do it right

I look at you in the morning glow
I'm so glad you didn't say no
Sometimes you gotta know to go with the flow
Yeah, sometimes you just gotta know

Take my hand, take my soul
Let's you and I go for a little stroll
Let's make a date, let's plan to meet
Wrapped only in our love and a sheet

I look at you in the morning shine
So at peace that I can call you mine
My fingers travel up and down your spine
I wanna drink you like a fine, fine wine
Track Name: As I sing
Could I live in a world
Where she'd be my girl
Could I live at a time
Where she'd be mine, all mine

Could I live in a place
Where I wouldn't see her face
Could I live in a town
Where her voice wouldn't be the only sound

Dm Gm
I wanna see her smiling in the morning
Cm Gm
I wanna see her loving in the evening
Dm Cm Dm
I wanna see her dancing, dancing, dancing
As I sing

Could I live on a beach
Where the sunrise can preach
Stories of hope and love
Stories as of yet undreamed of

Could I live in her embrace
Could I share her grace
Could I live in her heart
So our love can never fall apart

Cm Gm
Oh life can be so sweet
Cm Gm
Lived at our own beat
Dm Gm
Darling get closer and feel the heat
Track Name: (The islands are) where I live
The islands are where I find my inner joy
I guess you can't take the islands out of the boy
So give me a beach of the whitest sand
Oh gimme a beach and hold my hand
Cause the islands are where I live, my friend

Sitting on a boat is where I find peace
I never was so good at that elbow grease
So give me the wind blowing in my sails
Cause my life is a-callin' I need to jump bail
Cause the islands are where I live, my holy grail

I know where there's a lil place for sale
We could escape our life get out of jail
Honey let's head south and blaze a new trail
Come on, look at us, we've never been so pale

In the shade of a palm tree's where I like to nap
I ain't going anywhere, you can keep your map
I'm not trying to accomplish much today
You're blocking my view of the bay
Cause the islands are where I live, where I love to pray
Track Name: Sweet songs of love
Sweet songs of love we sing together
Sweet songs of love that last forever
A guitar, two voices and two glasses of wine
Sitting in your kitchen, feelin' just fine

Sweet songs of love we sing together
Come sunny days or nasty weather
A guitar, two voices in perfect harmony
Working together to serve the melody

The tone of your voice as you bend a note
Makes me wish this were a song I wrote

Sweet songs of love we sing together
Sweet songs of love we sing for one another
A guitar, two voices and a couple of smiles
As I watch your dancing feet on your kitchen tiles

Sweet songs of love we write together
Sweet songs of love for a life of wonder
A guitar, two voices we live hand in hand
I promise you I'll never quit this band
Track Name: (I'm sure she took) the time
C Dm
I'm sure she took the time to tell you
All that's evil about me
I'm sure she took the time to warn you
It's better just to let me be

I'm sure she took the time to share with you
Stories of tears rolling to the sea
I hope you know that none of it is true
I hope your heart can see the real me

Am Em
We had it all, Once upon a time
When our love couldn't help but rhyme
We shared a love that should have never died
But she changed her mind, and lied

I'm sure she took the time to discourage you
To say my soul's as dark as night
I'm sure she took the time to go through
the perceived ugliness of our last fight

She's old and bitter and sad
As hard as I try I can't feel bad
She made her bed she's gotta lie in it
Even if her life turned to...
Track Name: Follow you
He's a roadside prophet somewhere south of Texas
We were looking for the next place life takes us
Am C F
So we gave him a few bucks and a pull from our whiskey
And he said stay together that's the key

So I married her that evening by the ocean
And we spent the night exploring our devotion
And she asked me if we should go home to Kentucky
I said babe, let's stay together that's the key

F G Am
I'll follow you anywhere you go
Don't matter to me if it's sun or snow
I'll follow to wherever we flow
I'll follow you, just so you know

So we bought a small house right there on the sea
We listen to the surf and we wait to be three
So much love in this home, we hug and we sing
We pray and we smile about everything